On the right below, FUTURE HOME is spelled out in video stills, asking a question – the what or how of a personal or collective "future home." On the left is artwork by early participants, and drawing and writing by participants during the run of the show.

MANY THANKS to Early Contributors to the Participatory Wall:

Becky Brown, Mary DeVincentis Herzog, Mike Gardner, Fred Gutzeit, Kylie Heidenheimer, Molly Heron, Ruth Hardinger, Dana Kane, Leslie Kerby, Katherine Powers, Carol Radsprecher, Pam Rogers, Linda Stillman, Joyce Yamada and Jayoung Yoon.

SPECIAL THANKS to Makers of Containers for Color Pencils, Crayons & Markers:

Santina Amato, Fred Gutzeit, Luiza Kurzyna and Barbara Lubliner