Notes on Forgiveness


Ink and digital images on paper,  2000–2021
All works: 23 x 29"

For this group of black, white, and red, work on paper, friends posed and moved for me and I posed for myself, taking photographs of our shadows. These I scanned in and manipulated on the computer and printed out on a laser or inkjet printer, afterwards combining collaged figures (or in some cases other graphic, scanned and manipulated elements) with areas of poured, brushed, splattered and blotted ink to suggest a (sometimes socially based) psychological motif or excerpt.

Forgiveness is one of those things that it is nearly impossible to do—so that forgiveness can serve as an analogy as to the difficulty of making art—and then forgiveness can be equated with the grace to make art. I like the word forgiveness because it removes the works in context from the realm of currency and fashion, creating a space for a (free) meeting ground between the work and the viewer. The work, then, in this human meeting place, can exist in its own extreme and resolution.